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Yokoso is your specialized partner for Japanese garden design and realization, traditional architecture, and garden elements imported straight from Japan.

View our Digital Brochure

卡塔尔世界杯半决赛谁会赢?Yokoso Japanese Gardens Brochure

View our online Brochure in Flip-format by clicking on the picture or download our Brochure in high resolution pdf-format by clicking on thedownloadlink...

Copper Rain Chains

卡塔尔世界杯半决赛谁会赢?Yokoso Japanese Gardens Yuri Kusari-doi, Japanese Pure Copper Rain Chain

We are happy to announce we finally received a batch of wonderful Kusari-doi, Japanese rain chains made of pure copper. Check them out here...

Design & Projects

Impression of our Design, Products and Work

Impression of our Design, Products and Work - We collected a bunch of high resolution pictures for you to explore covering our design, products and work. Enjoy...